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The European project team is composed of the main following persons partly in Wuhan and in Europe (France):


Prof Didier MAYER, Director of the Department for Energy and Processes in MINES ParisTech, is the Project Coordinator in Paris and participates to the delivery of master courses in HUST.



Prof Michel FARINE is the European co Dean of the Institute in HUST, Wuhan.


  Ms JI Shali, Assistant of the European co Dean


Mr Michel AUBLANT is the Continuing Education Manager in Wuhan



  Mrs FENG Man, Assistant of the Continuing Education Manager


Mr Guillaume MACAUX is the European Project Manager in Paris.




Mrs Carine VAN LOO is the Project Assistant in Paris


The Chinese Project Team is composed of the main following persons:

  Prof LUO Xiaobing, Chinese co Dean of the ICARE Institute


  Mrs XIE Chunhua, Assistant of the Chinese co Dean

  Mrs KOU Fangling, Administration staff  

  Dr HU Song, Director of Research

Mr LV Guangdong, Accountant

  Mrs LIU Yang, Director of Studies

  Mr YI Hui, Chinese Executive Director


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