Conference by Prof Kariniotakis in November 2012 on “Wind Energy: Challenges from the large-scale integration into power systems”

Through the research support platform, PhD students are able to travel between Europe and China and further deepen their knowledge in a specific clean and renewable energy technology by cooperating with a European university at the forefront of the technology. Moreover, they will also have the opportunity to get in contact with different European universities and research centres, which are part of the platform through their involvement in the EUREC (European Renewable Energy Research Centres) Agency. European and Chinese researchers will also benefit from the research support platform, which will support and foster contacts between them through the organization of seminars, and other types of dedicated events. 16 books and 14 publications from EU-Chinese research teams, will be submitted during the grant contract period.


The main expected results for the implementation of the ICARE research support platform are:

  • Improving R&D exchanges between European and Chinese universities involved in ICARE, through an increase in the number of common publications on relevant international scientific journals
  • Sharing access to the state-of-the-art facilities to maximise mutual collaborative benefits
  • Promoting common research activities at the worldwide level through international communication and cooperation
  • Enhancing cooperation in government or industry-led scientific research programs

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