Semester 3: introduction to research


Third semester

As S3 starts, each student is assigned a research subject which has to be in the field of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

S3 is a path to research, organized namely around scientific weeks in the form of seminars during which all students have the opportunity to present their research subjects to the Chinese and European researchers.

The main objectives for the student are to:

  • Exchange with Chinese and European researchers/professors/students on specific areas (students’ research subjects)
  •  Visit laboratories / test facilities / demonstration & industrial sites
  • Be selected for internship subjects conceived in European laboratories in line with the Chinese supervisor assigned subject.

Gathering topics attract more European researchers/professors and Chinese or international Ph.D. students.

Hereunder are some key research topics of scientific weeks:

  • Biomass, Hydrogen, Solar thermal, Energy Efficiency in processes
  • Wind, PV, Storage and Grid
  • Energy efficiency in buildings, PV integration, geothermal

The content of each scientific week is tailor-made according to students’ research subjects. Seminars are possibly coupled with field trips in companies or site visits. Visiting HUST laboratories with the students is another option.

Semester 4: Internship

Fourth semester is dedicated to the internship period, spent in a university laboratory, in private research organizations or in companies.

The purpose is to gain concrete experience in the future work environment and to put in practice the knowledge you acquired during courses.

Hereunder are the possibilities of carrying out your internship:

  • 6-month research work in a Chinese research laboratory;
  • 6-month internship in Europe in European partners’ universities;
  • 6-month internship with industrial partners of ICARE (in China);

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